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Module 5.

Operational productivity (in Finnish)

This module is currently only available in Finnish.


Productivity is a building block for growth. Which aspects of productivity are relevant to forest services and harvesting companies? Here you will familiarize yourself with harvesting machine follow-up data and many tools for utilizing it in enterprise management. In this module, you will make use of information, tools and methods to analyze and improve your business' productivity.

The module, with its assignments and stories, forms an interactive learning path. Here are some of the topics:

  • Harvesting machine productivity as a consept—history and present
  • The relationship between productivity and profitability
  • Forest machine operator’s role on productivity—better results with training and motivation
  • Machine data and its role on productivity management—does measuring bring added value to the contractor or you? Quick steps on analyzing machine data with versatile tools.
  • Big data and its role on management—how to improve your business by collecting, following and analyzing forest machine data
European Union

This project has received funding from the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme / the European Regional Development Fund.